Make sure to stay away from rocks with pointed edges if you don’t want your fish to get hurt. This listing is for black lava rock. Your monies are never wasted . The Hidden Benefits of Lava Rock. As you can see, there are many different benefits to having rock in your aquarium. We all know how nitrate in the aquarium is bad news for fish and shrimp so Lava Rock really is the most natural and best way of removing nitrate. Volcanic rock is also called lava rock as they are the same thing. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Adding rocks to the aquarium can help to fill some of that empty space while also giving your fish places to hide. Volcanic rock comes in several colors including black, brick red, light red and deep orange. The size of the rock does not matter— but the shape does. You can use silicone to glue them together. Required fields are marked *. Do not add the lava rocks immediately to the aquarium after you’re done boiling them. Even if the rock is non-toxic, it also needs to be porous. I’ve read mixed opinions and can’t get a straight answer: is a lava rock substrate ok or too rough for snails? The holes add depth to the aquarium and provide natural decoration to include in any aquascape. Lava Rock can bring you the job of your dreams and boost your creativity. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. Lava rocks will help you hold your plants so they can provide clean air for your fish. An anaerobic environment is created inside the rock as beneficial nitrifying bacteria consume all the oxygen in the water. If your aquarium is made of acrylic and you want to prevent it from scratches, simply add clean sand to form a layer and then add the large lava rocks. This will ensure the safety of your glass no matter how big your lava rocks are. After you’re done, cool your lava rocks for at least an hour before adding them to your fish tank. A cave built from rocks makes a beautiful and natural décor element in the aquarium and it will also help your fish to feel safer and more secure in their home environment. It’s great for all types of freshwater aquariums. Your email address will not be published. Denitrifying Lava Rocks vs. Red Lava. or long, delicate fins (like bettas, male guppies, etc.). You will simply need running water, a bucket and a soft-bristled brush to clean your rocks. It is so versatile and you can really have some fun playing around with different pieces and creating various shapes and constructions. You only have to inspect the rock and you can see it is covered in tiny holes making it extremely porous allowing water to pass through and diffuse into the rock. 4.0 out of 5 stars 69. Large rocks are even better since they will only provide more cave options. We have larger pieces too, so if you have a large aquarium let us know and we can select bigger pieces. Carib Sea ACS00370 South Sea Base Rock for Aquarium. A common mistake that aquarium owners might make when they are putting rocks in their tanks is piling the lava rocks against the glass. After a little while, your water will change color because of the lava rocks. Wash them with water thoroughly and then keep them in your fish tank. Besides fish, plants are also found in your aquarium. I bought some lava rocks from an aquarium shop and never had a problem with them in a freshwater tank. You’ve already hit on the concern: their sharp/rough texture. If you just got lava rocks and need help cleaning them or setting them up in your aquarium, read the steps mentioned above. One additional question: Because lava rock is often high in silica, will it cause a diatom explosion? All you need to do is leave them in a bleaching solution for 24 hours. The best part about lava rocks acting as caves is that the shape or the color of the caves doesn’t change once they are formed. LAVA ROCK , POROUS STONE: These stones are natural aggregates of lava of volcanic origin and therefore very light because they are exceptionally very porous. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Pre-Grown Water Lilies – 4 beautiful colours available. Another tip is to buy the lava rocks with less durst. The next step involves drying your lava rocks. Is Lava rock the same as Live rock? It’s is perfect for providing the ideal living environment for your aquarium because it has beneficial denitrifying bacteria. Get the best deals on Aquarium Lava Rock when you shop the largest online selection at You can test for reactivity by putting a couple drops of vinegar on the rock. Is it possible to use lava rock in your tank withOUT having diatom problems? Live Rock serves many beneficial functions to the aquarium hobbyist, the most significant of which is its role as the biological filtration for your tank.